In English

BAJKONUR, pronounced /ˌbʌɪkəˈnʊə/, is about activating creative energy of people in Lodz, Poland. This place is created by artists for artists – from beginners to professionals. It is a space which aims to integrate the scattered artistic potential of dozens of musicians and bands working separately, often in unfavourable conditions.


The concept is based on synergy of a few activities under one roof:

  • professional rehearsal/practise rooms – soundproof and acoustically engineered, well ventilated, equipped rooms of various sizes with high-quality recording option. Designed for bands and practising musicians in need of dedicated rooms
  • stage – performance area for rehearsals, concerts, shows, experiments, film screenings, workshops and other events. During the first year we organized around 30 events ranging from alternative rock to experimental art (audio-visual performance)
  • recording studioSoyuz Studio
  • music school, led by one of the best young avant-garde jazz guitarists in Poland, Marek Kadziela
  • work café – friendly meeting place with good coffee, refreshments and free wi-fi

Because of the sheer beauty of old, often untouched and sometimes scary industrial architecture of the interiors, Bajkonur and its surroundings have many times become a stage for film shoots (such as the Snoop Lion a.k.a Snoop Dogg / Iza Lach movie), music clips and social ads.

Bajkonur is also the Polish name for the oldest space launch facility started in 1955 in Kazachstan. The first satellites and manned space flights in history were launched from this cosmodrome, including Sputnik-2 with a dog named Laika on board. More about Baikonur Cosmodrome…

The Mission

Our mission is to develop an encouraging creative space for artists and to start a melting pot which will help ignite new projects in music. We are open for collaboration with all artists who wish to organize interesting events under our roof. If you have a fresh idea for a workshop, mini-festival, concert, performance or maybe something completely bizarre&new, write us! We’re here to help.


We are located on the 3rd floor of a historic factory building with a loft-like character, just a few tram stops away from the very centre of Lodz (Poland). Back in 19th century this was a big factory complex started by Heinzel and Kunitzer and called Widzewska Manufaktura (not to be mistaken for current Manufaktura commercial centre in Lodz). Owned later by Oskar Kon, after the war converted into a state-owned textile factory (with some secret production for the army), went bankrupt in 1970’s and was eventually sold to private owners.

We are a part of WI-MA, an alternative art space.


You can contact us at or phone us at +48 505 023 439.